Richard Taylor

Digital Healthcare: MU3 and API Security

March 10, 2017

There is a revolution underway in healthcare in the USA. At its heart is MU3, Meaningful Use Stage 3 of the Electronic Health Record incentive program. One of the goals of this program is to empower patients and give them greater access to their medical records. Healthcare providers will have a legal responsibility to allow patients to access their data and they also have a responsibility to ensure the security of the data they provide. They have to walk a fine line between ease of access and security, and they have to do it by 2018. Read Full Story

Bank Account Aggregation Apps - Setting Boundaries

November 14, 2016

In the world of banking, security has always been important and the recent breach at Tesco Bank is a timely reminder. With an increased appetite for regulation in the banking sector and in the realms of data protection it is becoming ever more important for responsible companies to take action to tighten up their defences against the constant threat of data theft and fraud. Regulation is becoming a powerful lever to encourage banks to have robust mechanisms in place to protect their customers. The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) raises the possibility of heavy fines if you fail to take steps. Read Full Story

The Problem of API Abuse

October 18, 2016

The number of devices connected to the internet has exploded in recent years as everyone becomes permanently attached to their phone or tablet. As the number of mobile users has increased, there has been movement away from websites towards mobile apps. Large companies can gain more information about users when they use their app, and can also provide a more fully featured experience by offering offline functionality or by making use of the phone’s camera, accelerometer or GPS. Users tend to prefer them as well because they offer a richer experience.  Read Full Story

The Rise of DDoS

October 18, 2016

The attack on the website of Brian Krebs and the release of the Mirai malware source code demonstrates the challenges that face the anti-bot world. At its peak, the Krebs on Security DDoS attack was generating 620Gbps of traffic, mostly from IoT devices. With the ever increasing number of internet connected devices, and their current security shortcomings, it should come as little surprise that the scale of DDoS attacks is increasing. Read Full Story

Bot Mitigation Challenges in the Mobile World

August 9, 2016

Bots are everywhere, crawling all over the internet. Some are good, cataloguing websites and enabling you to search for pictures of cats with ease. Others are all about information gathering, theft and fraud, are known as API abuse, and are bad news. More and more time is being spent accessing the Internet from mobile devices, and apps are becoming increasingly important as the software performing this access. Apps are a new and challenging arena for existing bot mitigation techniques and attackers are starting to shift their focus from the mobile web channel to mobile apps to try and circumvent current protection mechanisms. Read Full Story